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ALIGN online™ is a private, application only, membership group for women entrepreneurs, women business owners and female executive leaders who are creating an impact in their communities. The members recognize that women with strong networks rise above the noise and are committed to building deep, lasting relationships. These women also understand that what they do daily builds momentum for the future and they are passionate about developing rituals to be their best. These women want to acknowledge the current situation and then move on to actionable business strategies that make sense as a next step.

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Check out what other women are saying about ALIGN online:

Please thank Joy so much for the Zoom sessions. I love Joy’s positive, ‘real’ energy in the sessions and hearing from the other women is very powerful. The sessions have helped me to stop and pause to realize the serious impact of COVID and how I really want to respond. I think it was Joy’s second session (my first) when I heard her urge us to ‘go out and be a guide for other women’ I took that to heart and last weekend piloted a new course with my compliments for women who’ve worked with me previously and it was a great success.”

The value I appreciate most from Joy’s zoom calls is the focus on the future – what’s next, how to think it through, what preparatory actions might be taken now, what opportunities might be available, etc.

I am really enjoying the weekly Zoom sessions. It helps me focus on what’s really important, right in the middle of the week! I connect with Joy’s coaching and her words resonate with me. It’s an added bonus to be in the “room” with so many successful women entrepreneurs that are experiencing many of the same things I am. That’s why I take full advantage of my daily planning and journaling with my Enlightened Power Planner and Joy’s Instagram LIVE every Thursday!

Thank you so much for your generosity! I’m really enjoying giving back during this time too! It warms my heart to be able to help people.

Your Wednesday Zoom meetings are so brilliant. Honestly, the takeaway each week is just so valuable and although other words are probably fancier, the word I keep coming up with is soothing. You are truly a gift to us all at this time.”