Rave Results

Testimonial - Heather Napolitano

"I am so grateful I was introduced to this group. I was in the middle of covid. I had launched my own business at the beginning of covid and was feeling very lonely in my workday even though I was surrounded by my children and my dad and boyfriend. Having like-minded women, even if not in the same exact industry is so motivating to know that you are not alone and we all share ideas in order to help grow and motivate one another. It is a very supportive and collaborative group. Led by Joy's dynamic and insightful leadership. Incredibly valuable to me a female entrepreneur."

"Align Online is filled with amazing, smart, talented women. When you are a female executive or business owner, you don't often have someone to brainstorm with, ask questions to, or trade ideas with. The women in Align Online do all that and MORE! The support of fellow women powerhouses is phenomenal. Joy Chudacoff has brought together a team of women unlike any other I've experienced -- whether in my career or my entrepreneurial journey. Joy also generously shares her wisdom, and provides immense support to the women she aligns herself with. I am immensely grateful to be part of Joy's Align Online group."

"Align Online consists of rock-star women who take care of business, their families and each other. The camaraderie, the truth-telling, and the support is unlike anything I have experienced anywhere else. Our leader, Joy Chudacoff, creates a high quality, safe space to share and to also tell it like it is, inspiring self-reflection and accountability. Align Online enriches my life and business in a way I didn’t previously think possible with fellow women executives and business owners."

"Being part of a community of interesting and authentic female entrepreneurs with different experiences and levels of success."

"I love all the business advice that Joy gives. She is always giving amazing information on a variety of subjects."

"I love the women in this group and the sense of feeling like being a part of something where I'm learning and connecting"

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